Is The Glass Ceiling Also a Mirror?

Written to influence women to release universal mindsets standing in their way, Your Lion Inside offers a roadmap to unleash the power you have always known deep down you had. As a partner in major transformations by women who have taken their success to the next level, Kim reveals how they did it, why they did it, and more importantly, how YOU can do it too. Prepare to be inspired.

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In addition to the book, Kim continues the conversation with Tune in and share with others in your network. Be part of the ongoing story and magnify the message! 2020 is an important milestone year for us all.

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Your Lion Inside was released in Korean in August 2022!

Korean version of Your Lion Inside by Kimberly Faith

The seeds of an awakening are planted within these pages. The second edition of Your Lion Inside is updated with important events over the past two years to provide the most current status of what is happening with the empowerment of women.  Women across the globe are drawing inspiration from the book to ignite change in their professional and personal lives – for themselves and their sisters around the globe.

 1 + 1 Get One, Give One

Get a copy for yourself and give a copy to other women in your life whose light can shine even brighter.  Sometimes we can see in each other what we cannot see in ourselves.  Let us magnify the message of H.O.P.E.  so we can co-create a new world for us all.

Be sure to check out The Sisterhood Report Podcast as I continue to bring light to this very important topic.  You are part of a much larger story. Don’t underestimate your power to make a difference!